Black violas: The star of our Spooky mix

Black violas: The star of our Spooky mix

Greetings Ghouls and Ghosts!!

I am fairly new to the PicoGro Family and still learning my way around the farm. My first impression of all our flowers was beauty… so when I heard that we had a Spooky mix, I was unsure as to how beauty would translate.  After our social media day where we took most of our content, I understood. It isn’t about making the flowers spooky, it is about elevating your already earie dishes with an element of beauty, that sets your dish or drink apart from the rest.

Our Spooky mix is a combination of our “black”, purple and orange violas as well as orange calendulas and red carnations. The flowers can be used as a mix or as individual flowers depending on what you wish to decorate. Whether you are planning an informal party for a few friends, or you are chef/mixologist planning a Spooky-themed event, our Spooky mix is definitely made for you.

Our Spooky mix can be used to:

– Add a splash of colour to the edge of your drinking glasses

-Decorate and add a new dimension to your Devil-ed eggs

-Turn your black or orange iced-baked goods into edible art

-Add an extra touch to your Black and orange-themed table decorations by the addition of the mix around the table

The star of our mix is our “black” viola, while not truly black, is as close as nature would allow. Flowers produce pigments to assist with photosynthesis, and black isn’t one of those pigments. However, some purples are so dark that they appear black. “Black” flowers are rare and have come to symbolise mystery, somber feelings, and elegance.

Viola fun facts:

-Violas are a good source of Vitamin A and C, providing antioxidants that protect the immune system.

-Violas can be lightly cooked and added to jams, syrups, and jellies.

-Pastry chefs have been known to cover violas with egg whites and sugar to crystallise them to achieve a glistening effect.

Violas have a faint, perfumed scent and have a subtly sweet flavour with light mint notes, making them a perfect addition to salads. The visual appeal of our “black viola” transcends all occasions, making them a perfect addition for any dinner party or event.

Yours in Nature, Alex Marais