Pico-Gro® supplies culinary mediums to the gastronomic elite the world over. Our plate-able petals, unusual fancy foliage and garnishes, herbs and beguiling, bijou vegetables are hand harvested daily for optimum freshness and superior presentation.


Situated in sunny South Africa, serenely bathed in the abundant radiation received from the African sun. Here we grow culinary jewellery, destined to crown the mouth-watering creations of the world’s finest chefs.


Our product is flown daily to all corners of the world. Pico proposes dynamic solutions for the professional chef and kitchen pioneer alike on how to elevate a mundane meal to a well refined cohesive dish with depth and an array of levels and flavours – something special. Pico-Gro®, a tribute to the can-do enthusiasm of a 30 something quartet of South African friends. Our story started in 1995, with nothing more than an idea and an absolute belief in the future and ideals of the New South Africa.


Today our picturesque Pico-Gro® spills over 8 Ha of landscape in Midrand in a riot of effervescent colourful blooms, employing 180 people, making a living off the land and exporting our glorious produce throughout the world.

When will I get my produce after I place an order?

Your produce can be ready for collection within 36 to 48 hours of payment being received. You will be notified by What’s app once it is ready for collection. If it was agreed that we organize delivery, an additional 36 hours needs to be allowed for collection and delivery by the courier company.

How long will the edible garnishes stay fresh?

It is of the utmost important to keep the cold chain intact if your edible garnishes and microgreens are to stay fresh and crunchy. We pack the edible garnishes at 4C and seal it in a poly box with Ice. Once you receive your garnishes, open the poly box and immediately place the container with garnish in the refrigerator.

Does microgreens really have health benefits?

Fresh leavy greens is the healthiest food you can supply your body with. The younger the leaves the more concentrated the minerals and vitamins it contain.

How best to store edible garnish and microgreens?

If kept cold in the crisper drawer of your fridge, your garnish kits, edible flowers and microgreens will last atleast 6 days.

Do I need to wash my microgreens before I eat them?

It is always better to wash fresh produce just before serving it. PicoGro’s produce is however grown in a clean and healthy environment that is good for you and good for the planet

Can I cook with microgreens?

Microgreens can be used the way you would any leafy green. Cooking it would however detract from its visual and decorative appeal and is not recommended. Serve fresh and crunch, as nature intended.

Are Pico-Gro’s microgreens grown organically?

PicoGro does not grow their produce in a certified organic system. Our Farming For the Future and Global Good Agricultural Practices certifications are, however, your guaranty that our produce is grown sustainable and our practices and procedures will not harm people or the planet.

How to determine if Microgreens are spoilt?

You will be alerted to any spoiling that has taken place, both visually and through odorous clues. Just like any other leafy product, microgreens will become slimy and smelly when spoilt.

How many times can you harvest microgreens?

If you opt to growing your own microgreens with seeds purchased from PicoGro, you will find that microgreens does not resprout once cut. The reason for this is that we cut them below the cotyledons. Peashoots are the exception. If you take care when cutting them just above the small flag shaped structures close the soil, they will resprout within a day or 2.

What if I am looking for a seed variety you do not carry?

PicoGro carry a full range of all the  varieties that lean themselves to successful microgreen production.