Our Precious People

Erika Oberholzer



Erika Oberholzer, named the Female Farmer of the year (2006), is a farmer and philosopher from sunrise until sunset. She is the CEO of PicoGro edible flower farm – her baby and brainchild. Erika’s formal training occurred in a diverse range of subjects including Botany, Biochemistry, Project Management, Moral Philosophy and Graphic Design. After spending her 20’s in a laboratory environment where she worked as a Biochemistry technician at the Agricultural Research Council in Irene, she sought to create more and use her wide range of skills, which resulted in the creation of PicoGro.


Erika spends her days overseeing all the agronomic activities on the farm, developing new products, and watching the PicoGro management team blossom. PicoGro has a strong team of young woman (and men) that are responsible for the day-to-day activities on the farm and has, for the past 8 years, been doing an exceptional job of lightening her load.


She recently started work on a PhD in indigenous plant use at the University of Johannesburg and plans on spending more and more time with her books, that were her first love.

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Yolandi Le Roux

Head of Operations


Yolandi le Roux is an Industrial Engineer with an all-consuming love for farming. After earning her BEng Honours degree in Industrial engineering from the University of Pretoria, She entered the agriculture world to explore her passion for plants and people, and to create systems where the two can interact in a symbiotic manner and generate profit.


She is currently applying her knowledge in her role as Head of Operations at PicoGro, where she is responsible for the operations team, daily execution of post-harvest processes as well as production planning.


Throughout her career, Yolandi has faced and overcome formidable challenges, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. She believes that through the PicoGro team’s innovative thinking and strategic planning, we have pushed PicoGro to new heights, fostering innovation, growth, and success. Yolandi values individuals that have an unshakeable determination to confront obstacles head-on and find creative solutions.


When not on the farm, you can find Yolandi gardening, going for a hike or reading.

Charlize Diedericks

Head of Finance & Social Media


Charlize Diedericks is the Head of Finance at PicoGro. She has a passion for numbers and a taste for the finer things in life. She grew up in Pretoria and studied BCom Financial Management. After she did her articles she found PicoGro and has been here ever since.


Charlize is a foodie who finds joy in savouring every flavour and exploring culinary landscapes. This passion extends beyond the plate, intertwining seamlessly with her penchant for all things beautiful. At PicoGro, she has discovered the perfect fusion of these passions, as our edible flower farm marries the realms of aesthetics and gastronomy.


Outside of spreadsheets and financial forecasts, you’ll find her amidst the vibrant hues of our flower greenhouse, capturing the breath taking blooms for our social media pages.

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Monique Roux

Human Resources Manager & Events Co-Ordinator


Monique Roux is a passionate individual with a deep love for plants and the outdoors. Born in Centurion, Gauteng, she pursued a BA degree in fashion design at Lisof school of fashion.


During her degree, Monique gained skills and knowledge on working with people, which enables her to pursue her creative side in all angles of her life. She is able to implement her creative ideas at PicoGro by coordinating events, and is also the Human Resource manager to 90 amazing general workers.


Her hobbies include sewing dresses for herself, walking her dogs and her love for fashion has allowed her to start her own side hustle – making macrame for home décor.


She is excited about what the future holds, thrives on growth and wishes to truly make a positive impact in all the beautiful and creative corners of her life. She is a blend of sassy and witty, sprinkled with humour.

Liezl Wichmann

Technical Manager


Liezl Wichmann is the PicoGro Technical Manager. Being a fan of the great outdoors, she obtained a BSc in Ecology and BSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Pretoria in 2014.


After working in laboratory equipment sales for 8 years, she made a career change to PicoGro in mid-2022 and is currently involved with the pest management, sowing program and export orders. These responsibilities enable her to interact with a diverse group of people, with every day bringing a new learning experience.


Her goal is to use her strong academic base and previous experience to optimise various processes with scientific precision while keeping them easily executable. When not attempting to reach her 6 000-step goal walking around on the farm, she hides away in her office catching up on admin, doing research and resisting the urge to over-water her indoor plants.

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Vincent Mthombeni

Operations & Logistics Manager


Vincent Mthombeni, our Operations and Logistics manager, was born and raised in Pretoria. After attending Hoerskool Waterkloof, he moved to Potchefstroom where he attended North-West University. After realising that the degree he was busy with was not his passion, he moved back to Pretoria and joined the PicoGro family. Vincent had always had a love for agriculture, and through his exposure to PicoGro, knew that this was where he belonged.


Since joining us, Vincent has come into his own, using his love for people and networking to nurture PicoGro’s relationship with our vast clientele. He believes that the needs of chef’s, mixologists and restaurants vary greatly, and our products should be tailored to meet them. PicoGro thrives because we experiment and grow with our clientele, and it is what sets us apart from the rest. Vincent is also in charge of logistics, arranging deliveries to most areas in Gauteng, as well as to different parts of South Africa and, worldwide.


If not passing around smiles in our production office on the farm, you can find Vincent on the nearest course hitting golf balls into houses or spending the day with family.

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Sinenhlanhla Dlamini

Health and Safety Officer


Sinenhlanhla Dlamini is 25 years old and from a small town in Pietermaritzburg called Bulwel.  After studying a BSc in Agriculture Animal Science at the University of Free State, graduating in 2021, she found the PicoGro family in May 2023. Her job is to ensure that PicoGro implements all the legislation that ensures the health and safety of its employees.


In her off time, she enjoys reading fictional books and baking. She is passionate about agriculture and sustainable farming. What she enjoys most about PicoGro is the company culture that allows everyone to grow and reach their full potential.

Celeste Weiss

Office Coordinator


Celeste Weiss, born and raised in Pretoria, is our Office coordinator. She is in charge of all the administration associated with our orders and deliveries. During high school, Celeste’s favourite subject was consumer studies and after a career test that further encouraged this passion, proceeded to study a Bachelors degree in Food and Retail management at the University of Pretoria. In the last year of her degree, UP brought her to PicoGro on a tour and, for Celeste, it was love at first site. She knew that this was where she wanted to work and after the completion of her degree, sent her CV to us. The rest, as you can imagine, is history.


Celeste is driven by her love for food and creating. She wishes to constantly learn and continually puts herself into situations to do just that. When not on the farm, you can find Celeste either riding her horse, or cooking and baking. She is well known for her chocolate brownies and carrot cake, and is keen to one day make her own pasta.

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Frans Motsosi

Plant Production Supervisor


Frans Motsosi, born and raised in Khunotswane near Zeerust, is the Supervisor of our plant production team. He first came to PicoGro in 2019 and worked for us a driver. After 1 year of hard work, dedication, and a number of promotions, he was put in charge of plant production. His job is to ensure that the correct flowers are planted to meet all of our orders. He also organises our greenhouses ensuring that each flower or microgreen has the optimum conditions for growth. With numerous greenhouses on our property, this is no easy feat.


Frans has a knack for languages, speaking 6 different languages and learning more as he goes. He is a reserved individual that gives of his best and is a fantastic team player. Plant production at PicoGro would not function, as well as it does, without him.


When not on the farm, you can find Frans spending time with family or watching sport.

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James Khoza

Farm Operations Supervisor


James Khoza, born on the 22nd of February 1965, is our Farm Operations Supervisor. James started his first job farming in 1985, and in this field he has remained. Over the years he has gained a wide-set of skills and invaluable farming experience, making him the perfect person to oversee the farm. James worked with Erika prior to the creation of PicoGro, and in 2015 joined the PicoGro team.


James loves to work at PicoGro because he had always to farm and work with his friends and family, and PicoGro has provided this opportunity. James has good communication skills and a lot of experience, and wishes that the company will continue to grow and expand.

Clarice de Kock

Financial Administrator


Born in Wynberg, Cape Town in 1997, Clarice de Kock has taken on the role of Financial Administrator at PicoGro. After completing schooling at Hoerskool Waterkloof, Clarice attended the University of Pretoria where she started her studies in mechanical engineering. After some time, Clarice realised that her love for science actually lies in chemistry and transferred to the chemistry department. Here, she remained, until PicoGro came into her life. Her love and thirst for knowledge is what drives her to be the best she can be every day, making her a perfect fit at PicoGro.


When you can’t find Clarice on the farm, you will find her either baking, cooking, reading or gaming. She loves exploring new cuisines and PicoGro provides her with an insight into fine dining garnishing through our working relationships with our chefs.

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Alex Marais

Office Administrator


Alex Marais,  born on the 2nd of February 1998 in Durban, has enthusiastically taken on the role of Administration Assistant at PicoGro. Alex has completed an MSc in Human Physiology at the University of Pretoria, and is currently working to complete her PhD in Medical Immunology, which entails some exciting work with stem cells.


While helping around the office with any admin that is needs to be done, Alex is also working on the PicoGro website and assisting Charlize with social media campaigns. She is also Erika’s research assistant, providing her with support when necessary.


Apart from her work in the sciences and flowers, Alex is a keen reader, aspiring gamer with a love for soccer, recreationally playing the game when she can. She lives by the words of Dory “just keep swimming” – where no matter the challenges she keeps moving forward and working through the problems that come along with them.