Growing the Art of Food

About Us

PicoGro is an edible flower and micro-green farm based in Midrand, South Africa. With a catalogue that continually expands, we supply both local and international markets

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Perfect Pickings

Our plate-able unusual fancy foliage are hand harvested daily for optimum freshness and superior presentation

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Hosting a dinner party,

Showcasing a fine dining menu,

Or simply experimenting at home

Procure your greens from PicoGro.

Edible flowers, microgreens, and speciality leaves

Funky and fresh

We supply the best!

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Erika Oberholzera


Our Team

“It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.”
— Mary Daly

I, like most people, happened without a plan. The first 30 years of my life is still a struggling blur of becoming. In 1995, the seed of my fledgeling business established its roots, my struggle for fulfilment and hunger for significance gained direction and momentum. It became a plan, a life purpose. After 30 years it all made sense, the fruit of my studies and the skill set I had acquired.


Now, 23 years later, I find myself surrounded by a spinning kaleidoscope of talented young people. Each weaving their exceptional flair, singular inspiration, intense ambition and precious time into the flowing fabric that is PicoGro.


PicoGro was mine, and then it became ours. Now we have decided to bring it you, the house-wife, the chef, the mixologist and the event planner. Explore the art of food with us and rest-assured, the journey is worthwhile.


Yours in nature,

Erika Oberholzer

CEO, Woman,Wife and Mentor


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First there was me,
now there is many.
Reasons and seasons
They came and they went.
PicoGro was me,
now it is WE

Our People

Our Product Types

Drawers Range

Try a new combination of leaves or Flavour every day. One Edible Leaf Mix tray contains enough plants to supply a house hold of 2 with salad for 6-8 weeks. Our Living Cocktail tray has the Flavour And Colour We Need To Produce A New And Existing Spin On Our Favourite Cocktail Or Mocktail Every Day Of The Month.

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Cocktails Range

Pico-Gro’s endless variety of edible flowers add the perfect final touch to any plate, pastry or drink. Our palatable petals enhance the flavour and fragrance of mocktails and cocktails alike. Produce the most picturesque mixes and medleys in a glass or tumbler. Decorate your drinks, deserts and salads to your hearts delight.

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Seeds & Plants

Selling a wide range of Vegetable Seeds, Fruit Seeds, Herb Seeds, Medicinal Herb & Plant Seeds, Seedlings, Tree Saplings and Plants.

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Our Events

Picking Pleasures

Farm tours

Join us for a happy harvest day in the country. Enjoy a slow meander through our glorious gardens, forage for edible flowers, gather your own Bijou Botanicals and Bakeable Blooms to take home and experiment with in your kitchen.


Learn about a variety of lesser known Gourmet Greens and how to use them to add interest to your meals and flavour to your feasts.


Bookings can be made on our Events page.
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Experience PicoGro

Venue hire

Share your special day with PicoGro; whether a birthday party, kitchen tea or a Girl’s day out. A greenhouse venue surrounded by our precious edible flowers  will ensure that your event is as special and unique as you are. With our team ready to assist you, it will be a day you will not forget.


Further information available on our Events page.




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